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Making good practices great

Who asks us to work with them?

Dentists - Practice owners
  • Who aspire to be the best in their area, and are committed to continual improvement.
  • Who are fed up with the status quo, and the never-ending demands on them and want to take their practice in a new and fulfilling direction
  • Who are frustrated by the day-to-day headaches and demands and would like to create a practice that runs like clockwork
  • Who are planning to run their own practice within the next five years and want to avoid the expensive mistakes so many others make.
  • Who want to be ‘career associates’ and work in the most best practice (s) and have a fulfilling career
Practice Managers
  • Who are new to the role, either having been promoted from a nurse or new to dentistry
  • Who are experiencing overwhelm from all that is demanded of them

What characteristics do our clients have?

Passionate about dentistry and their patients
Determined to be the best they can be
Committed to developing their team
Motivated to learn
Excited about embracing new approaches
Decisive even in the face of uncertainty
Loves life and wants to live it to the full

setting of staff expectations results in good practise
What we offer so you can make your good practice GREAT

A unique approach designed so that you can create a sustainably successful practice.

Which one of our programmes best suits you best?

Taster – A one-month experience for someone who is new to the concept of coaching and mentoring and wants to have an experience before committing for the full 12 months.

  • 1 x workshop from Transform your practice in 10 days.
  • 1 x success springboard coaching /mentoring sessions
  • 1 x on-line webinar

Foundation 1 For a practice owner or practice manager who wants to develop their business ownership, leadership and management skills. This programme is also is ideal if you are an associate or GDC registrant who intends to start their own practice within the next 5 years. This programme, will kick start the improvement of the practice. You can attend alone or bring team members if you wish additional attendee fees from only £85 will apply per team member

  • 10 x Transform your practice in 10 days workshops
  • 12 x monthly on-line webinars

Foundation 2 For a practice owner or practice manager who wants to develop their business ownership, leadership and management skills, and who would like to take this process slowly and is either not ready or does not feel they have the time to attend all the Transform your practice in 10 Days (TP10D) workshops and yet does want to make a start on developing the practice. This programme is also suitable for someone who has attended Foundation 1 and wants to continue to consolidate their learning. This programme will start the improvement of the practice and allow you to work at your own pace.

  • 12 x Success springboard coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 12 x monthly on-line webinars

Student programme This programme contains all the elements that are essential for you to transform the productivity, profitability and prosperity of your practice and your life. It is the seminal training programmes for a principal and practice manager that are committed to success, by working together to improve the practice for the patients, team and community.
This package provides training coaching and mentoring ensuring that you get all the information and support you need. You can attend Transform your Practice in 10 Days alone or bring team members. Nominal fees apply for each additional team member attending

If you want a stress-free practice that you own rather than it owns you, this is the ideal starting solution
  • 4 x DCP Diagnosis Consideration and Planning (including quarterly goals) IODB offices
  • 10 x Transform your practice in 10 days workshops (TP10D)
  • 1 x Patient Centred Sales – BEST CHOICES in-house
  • 12 x Success springboard coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 12 x monthly on-line webinars

Practitioner programme For a practice has been through the Foundation 1 or Student programme, and still has progress they want to make and are committed to excellence by investing the team with training, coaching and mentoring.
  • 2 x 6/12 Transformational Team Training in-house or off-site
  • 24 x Success springboard coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 4 x DCP, Diagnosis, Consideration and Planning IODB offices
  • 12 x monthly on-line webinars

Masters programme This is an elite mentoring programme for practices that are committed to business and clinical excellence. Entry requirements for this programme is that the practice has attended Transform your Practice in 10 days and Patient Centred Sales - BEST CHOICES
  • 2 x 6/12 Transformational Team Training in-house or off-site
  • 4 x DCP, Diagnosis, Consideration and Planning IODB offices
  • 12 x Success springboard coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 12 x monthly on-line webinars
  • 6 x Bi-monthly Advanced Mastermind Group

Pick and Mix
12-month or 24-month programmes that you have designed by picking and mixing any elements of the that we offer.

Our six standard packages have been designed for you; so that wherever you are in your journey of developing your practice, into a turn-key^ operation, we have the answers you are looking for.

If you prefer to create your own custom-built package, please choose from our services below and create your own pick and mix bespoke selection.

Turn-key^ - Predictably successful and requiring minimal involvement from you

Success springboard 1-2-1 coaching / mentoring sessions
Life as a practice owner can be challenging and very busy and you may feel that you don’t have time to think. 1-2-1 coaching sessions are regular oasis for you to have time to think, problem-solve, plan or vent. Your coach will (if you want it) provide the valuable function of accountability partner.

Transform your practice in 10 days workshops
At dental school, you were taught to be a clinician not a business owners, manager or leader, many practices struggle or fail because of lack of these simple skills. This series of 10 workshops is designed for practice owners and team members to equip you will the essential skills for sustainable success.

Monthly webinars
To support you and your team we provide live and interactive on-line teleseminars on a monthly basis. These are available for all team members to attend. webinars are scheduled at lunchtime and will last for 1 hour.

Transformational team training on site at your practice
Practice owners usually want to take areas of training and coaching to a deeper level with the intimacy of in-house training.

Diagnosis day A full day (6 hours) in house to include
a) Observation of surgeries, clinicians and DCP's
b) Observation of reception
c) Observation of office (if appropriate)
d) 1-2-1 conversation and feedback from each team member
e) Presentation of findings
f) Facilitation of an initial meeting for the team to discuss findings and plan the next steps.

Diagnosis, consideration and decision making (DCP) 6 hours IODB offices
These 6-hour, one day off site sessions are available as a one off or at a frequency that suits you best, and are generally held quarterly to include three monthly goal setting.

Consideration, Planning, Decision making (CPD) –in-house or off site
These are available as either a one-off or regular quarterly full day sessions designed reflect on metrics and progress, overcome blockages, create or modify strategies to keep you highly motivated, and on target. These days usually involve just the management team or whole team These are conducted in in-house or off-site at a location you arrange. and last for 3 hours. This is available only to practice < 50 miles from HP18 0SZ

Reflection, Celebration and Target setting (RCT) – Remote or face to face at IODB offices
Regular quarterly three-hour half -day 3-hour sessions designed to keep you motivated, and on track. These are conducted remotely via Skype or telephone or at our offices

Advanced Mastermind Group (AMG) “Mastermind groups offer a unrivalled haven of skill, support and encouragement and expertise to entrepreneurial practice owners” entry requirements, attendance of Transform your Practice in 10 days and Patient Centred Sales -BEST CHOICES. Sunday evening through to Monday. Mastery package investment is based on one member of the practice attending, additional attendees from the leadership and management team can attend investments available on request

Leading practice matters – 3-day retreat
A community of like-minded dentists who want to build the best practice possible and life fulling personal lives.

If your goal is to be one of the UK’s most successful dental practices then you will want to be part of an innovative, group of the leading practice principals. We meet once a month to share, support and generate innovative solutions so that you become respected within our industry as a thought leader.

Open courses and workshops
We have a comprehensive range of workshops and seminars designed for all members of the dental team. To find out more about the courses that are available, click Here

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